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Is it just a feeling?

I feel that i'm suppose to be doing something big...
yet i'm here being so ordinary.

I feel that i'm capable of anything...
yet i'm just as ordinary as the others.

I feel that i could deal with everyone with ease...
yet i've always let those who had hopes in me down.

I feel that i could balance out everything in life...
yet i'm always imbalance.

I feel that i'm very well composed...
yet i'm not as perfect as i think.

I feel that...

It's time for recomposition...



This short animation was nominated for 'Best Animated Short' at the 2009 Academy Awards. Just amazed at how people create such good animation. The expression of the characters, enviroment, color combination and camera angle were perfectly potrayed. Although it's kinda short but it's very well executed.

For more info please visit 'here'.

Personal ID

Been indulging in some individual assignment for my 'Animation' subject recently. Project titled 'Personal ID'. We are supposed to create a short flash animation about ourselves. I would say this short clip is a bit 'thick skined', hehe... anyway, enjoy...

春 - Spring

Penang - New World Park

Pardon my absence people, been sort of busy for the past few weeks. I've been working in Orenhaus preparing for 2009. We've a brand new bedroom concept for the year of the Ox. This year's theme is 'White', therefore we've all the whitewash series which includes bed, wardrobe, dressing table, bedside table and study table. It's all in pure white colour too!

Besides, I went to northern Malaysia with a few friends too. It was a 'Marathon eating trip' i should say. We were in Langkawi, Penang, Kulim, Ipoh and Teluk Intan from 30th Dec 2008 till 4th Jan 2009. Believe it or not, we were eating the whole day for the entire 6 days. There were few things that left me keep wanting to go back there which include Bukit Mertajam's duck egg char kuey teow, Penang's susu tarik with egg, Kulim's mini sized wanton mee, Teluk Intan's chee cheong fan, Ipoh's dim sum and the list goes on and on and on....

Lastly, before i stop here and get ready to head back to Muar for tonight's reunion dinner, i would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!


The time was 6.25pm in the evening and I was in a meeting room for a briefing for upcoming event. Everyone involved was getting ready and looking forward to the long awaited briefing session. But there were some people who were tired of waiting (me) for the person-in-charge to start the briefing session. So I took out my trusty little notebook and start scribbling and drawing in it. This is when someone took my notebook away and jokingly wrote something in it.

Please note the following:-
In case of emergency:
If anything happen to me (Ayu), please call;
My mother (Jamaliah), my father (Amirol), my elder brother (Hafiz), cuz if you call my younger bro, he wouldn't know what to do! My grandma & granpa, my friends (Nana, Seyna, Caca), my beautiful cousins (Firah & Hajar), my boyfriend (Eric Bana), my ex-boyfriend (Jude Law), my fiancee (Paul Walker), my boss (Adrian) - cuz he needs to know why am I not in the office, my mentor (Lim) - cuz he'll be looking for me and everyone in the entire world - Cuz I'm just the most important person in the world!!

Of course i treated it as a joke and agree to do so when she returned my little notebook to me. The briefing session starts and I soon forgotten about the incident. All these happens half year ago. Recently, i got to know that she met an accident oversea and sustained some injury. One of her lecturer and a friend passed away in the accident.

Come to think about it, it reminds us of how we always take things for granted in life. Life is just too precious to be taken granted. Cherish every moment in life and live life to the fullest!!

My silly act

I was helping my friend to take some photo for her e-boutique yesterday. While taking pictures of the model in Casa Damansara's playground, i just can't resist the temptation of fooling around at the playground myself. I did took some unrelated photo too.

Sun shinning through the palm tree

Plant by the pool

Among the scrub

Weird looking plant


The playground

Help, I'm stuck!

Chow Yang's famous stewed duck

For more of my silly acts click here.


It was another typical evening at the lakeside in Kota Kemuning, 7.10pm to be exact. The sun was disappearing below the horizontal line. Shades of red and orange hue covers the sky. The surrounding darkens as the night takes over. The rain start dropping as Nimbostratus clouds covers the sky. Lamp posts across the lake were lit up to show the way around and people leaving the lake to seek shelter. This is when i took this picture.

Yoga - not for Muslims

Yoga is a healing system of theory and practice. It is a combination of breathing exercises, physical postures, and meditation, practiced for more than 5,000 years.

While Yoga evolved as a spiritual practice in Hinduism, in the Western World, a part of yoga, known as Asana, has grown popular as a form of purely physical exercise. Some Western forms have little or nothing to do with Hinduism or spirituality, but are simply a way of keeping fit and healthy. (taken from Wikipedia)

And here in Malaysia, Muslims are banned from practicing it. The National Fatwa Council said that it has elements of other religion and could corrupt Muslims.

Well.. in my humble opinion, i just don't see what is wrong with practicing yoga for for health issue. In fact, practicing yoga doesn't necessarily involved worshiping and chanting. The physical movement were good for improving one's health. Why weren't yoga banned in other Muslim countries?

Besides, yoga had evolved since more than 5000 years ago. We are now in the 21st century, people can differentiate what is good for them and what's not. Don't you think so?

Cool widget

Was surfing the web for a while just now and i've come across some cool widget. So i got my blog a cool wind chime, an angry Samurai, and a Kendo swordman. Just browse around my blog u'll see them at the right sidebar. Do play with them (angry Samurai & Kendo swordman)..hehe..

Well, the Samurai sits on his throne. Move over him with your cursor once and he slashes it in half. Twice, he slashes it down again. Then wording appears on the screen warning you not to touch him. At that point, if you click on the Samurai, all hell breaks loose. Sit back and enjoy! Slashing and hacking with his sword, bullets, and flaming arrows.

On the other hand, the kendo swordsman locates and attacks words with negative meanings on your webpage! It suppose to make people blog positively, but I just can't resist it. I just wanna key in some negative words for the sake of playing with it..
Did i just typed 'negative'.. Yup, I just did.. TWICE!



Went to 'Scream' (horror-themed outdoor party) in Sunway Lagoon last night. Thanks to Li Poh for the free tickets. Live DJs and live bands, including DJ N_Droid, DJ Joey G, DJ Rob Nutek, Beat The System, S.A.D, Y2K, and One Buck Short were there to hip up the party. There's also some live scare actors did a pretty good job 'scaring' people..hehe.. Some pictures below.
And guess what? We've a little witch with us too.
(Dark witch - Veron was spotted in her secret chamber)

Cool laser effects

The SoCo SCREAMTAILS (Southern Comfort with lime) concocted from creepy-crawlies and squealy-wealies harvested from Gnome’s Garden.

I'm back!

Pardon my absence. It's been quite a while... been busy with internship, part time work, family, and myself for the pass 2 months.

Well, my internship ends on the 6th Sept. It was a great experience working with all the people in Bates 141 during the 14 weeks . I've been involve in so much event planning and event management. It really gave me a greater understanding of how an events works from the beginning till the end.

The team from 141 who handle Honda account.
from left: Steven, me, Adrian, Rick Kee, Leon, Ayu n Lim
(Taken at Honda MME Party, 27th August 2008)

During these 3 and half months of internship, i barely got the chance to go back to hometown (Muar) due to the busy work schedule weekly. I was kinda sad and happy at the same time at the last day working in Bates 141. I was sad to leave those great ppl i've been working with for that period; and happy that it's finally over and i can take a break from the hectic work and go back to my hometown where the lifestyle there are much laid back compared to KL. That's about it for my internship.

Back to Muar was great, especially after so long since my last visit in may? or june? There's not much changes back in Muar except 1 thing. We've got a latest addition to the Ng's family - Isabell (my niece). She's just absolutely adorable, cute and loveable.

(3 months old)

(8 months old)

As u guys might know that my bro's shop - Orenhaus is short of man power cuz one of the salesman took a super long holiday and dunno when will he be back. So i helped him out at his shop for a while before the new semester start commencing on the 13th Oct.

So basically, i've been pretty busy during my absence. lolx..

My arm!

"Riiinggg...." Awaken by Julian's (my supervisor) message yesterday morning. Thanks to his 'morning call' cuz i forgot to set my alarm. The moment i got up from the bed, i realized that i can't lift up my right arm (probably slept in wrong position the previous night). Having to wake up so early on a Sunday morning to work was bad enough, but unable to lift up my arm? 'This is so so bad' I thought to myself. Still, i get myself ready in a slower than usual manner because of my 'disabled' right arm.

At 8.30am, I sped off to Mid Valley to get place of the event ready. Btw, we're having the Enfa A+ Smart System Camp in Mid Valley. Everything goes on pretty smoothly except my 'disabled' right arm which was giving me a little trouble while lifting some stuff. I can't lift anything above shoulder level.

Planned going to the doctor to 'enable' my right arm during the afternoon where there's less crowd. Surprisingly, my right arm showing some improvement so i decided to hang on & see what happen. Luckily my right arm is 'fully enabled' by itself at the end of the day.

What's the purpose?

What is the purpose of roadblocks? To slow down traffic? To create massive traffic jam?

Sometimes, i'm just amazed by the level of intelligence of our government. They'll do things which is so silly. As we all know, most of the major roads were pretty jam every morning. To make thing worst, they place roadblocks in every major road leading to KL simply because of one person - Anwar. Apparently he was summoned to court for the alleged crime of sodomy.

Anyway, these so call 'blockers' were suppose to do their job at the roadblocks which is to monitor and check for suspicious people but they just stand there doing nothing. Actually, I'm alright with them putting roadblocks or whatever. What pissed me off is that they put up roadblocks and stand there like dummy. If roadblocks were really necessary, then do the job properly and don't just stand there doing nothing and create traffic jam. Don't forget that everyone need to get to their respective work place in time but were delayed by these unnecessary roadblocks which serve no purpose.

'Irresponsible' the right description?

Recently, I've came across some people whom i think is quite irresponsible. I was working kinda late the other day, so i decided to grab a quick bite at Mc Donald's. While i was enjoying my Chicken McDeluxe, a couple step in with their kid n found themselves a spot.

At first, they seems like just another parents who brought their kid to Mc Donald's. As soon as they settle down, their kid started to wonder around the restaurant. The kid (approximately 3 or 4 years old) was wandering around with his curious nature. He was literally playing with some umbrellas (belongs to other diners there) besides the door and trash bin.The worst part was when the kid wondered into the kitchen area without slippers or sandals and the parents just don't seems to care. I mean, how can you let your child play with trash bin and walk around WITHOUT SLIPPERS or SANDALS? What if there's something sharp on the floor or anything that might cut the kid's feet?

Well, my point is that they shouldn't even let their child wonder around in the first place. They should behave like parents and keep an eye on their child to make sure they are safe because that's their responsible as parents.

Please don't fucking assume!

I thought i've seen all kinds of people, and i can tolerate any kind of people. However i was wrong. Some people just like to assume without understanding the real situation. Actually I've never met this person that i'm talking about. I've only know that he is the lecturer that i'm suppose to submit my bi-weekly report to 2 weeks once.

I've been really busy recently doing my internship in Bates 141. Due to the nature of work in my department (activation), i've gotta work during the weekends which includes going to outstations as well. Working outstation means no access to computer, therefore there's no way to access internet. When there's no internet access, there's no submission of bi-weekly report during weekends. All i can do is to submit it when i'm back to KL.

This Mr. R thinks he knows it all started to assume that i can do my report on-site. In this case, of course i can do my report on-site where i can write using a pen and a piece of paper, but how the fuck am i going to submit it to you without internet access?(even normal mail takes time too!) C'mon man, use your damn brain man. If i can submit it to you on time then i wouldn't have wasted my time e-mailing you and explain the whole fucking situation!

Anyway, for people who read this post....please don't mind me...i'm just a bit annoyed by the way some people behave..